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Akkayalar Conveyor

Fast and Efficient Solutions for Conveyor Components

Akkayalar Conveyor produces rollers/reels, roller chassis and drums, which are conveyor equipment used in the bulk transportation industry, as well as other spare parts such as bearing bearings, side and middle legs of the chassis, connection parts, rubber discs mounted on the rollers, conical clamping collets connecting the drum shafts to the flange. It is a parts manufacturer that also includes ancillary equipment.


R & D


Quality control

<strong>Fast and Efficient Solutions</strong> for Conveyor Components

Qualified Product

We constantly improve our products without compromising our production standards and aim to provide high quality and work in this direction.

Experienced Staff

We always adopt a problem-solving oriented approach with our expert and trained employees in their fields. We do not compromise on friendly service.

Technological Infrastructure

We plan to make production processes most efficient with our advanced machinery. We attach importance to our investments in technological infrastructure.

37 years of experience

We benefit from our experience and knowledge and adopt the concept of "domestic and national production" in line with our values.

Conveyor Transport Systems and Spare Parts Production

Our founding purpose is to manufacture conveyor transport systems, which we call belted and non-belted transfer and conveyor used in the bulk transportation industry, and their spare parts (roll, drum, chassis, etc.) and market them to domestic and international end users, engineering companies and machine manufacturers.






Roller Station

We produce parts for large facilities and strong investments


We produce parts for large facilities and strong investments

Transport and Transfer In belt conveyors, all users and consumers have quality and long-lasting belt reels, We believe that you have the right to own your rolls and drums. For all these, as Akkayalar Konveyör family, we are the last We work together with our suppliers and employees to ensure that our users and consumers can fulfill their conscious purchasing demands.

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